Welcome to our Knitting Factory

Our Knitting Factory can produce knitted sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, as well as any other daily accessories and necessities. The annual production capacity is 5 million PCS. The entire process can be completed independently, including the craft of production, flat knitting, sleeve stitching, manual stitching, fulling, napping, ironing, inspection, and packaging. We use STOLL machines, which cover 1.5GG to 16GG.

Cashmere stitching machine used to created finished cashmere knitwear
Our sewing machines produce the highest quality stitching
Stoll Knitting Machines in the Knitting Factory for Cashmere
We have over 300 knitting machines in our Knitting Workshop
Technician sewing buttons onto a cashmere cardigan
One of our technicians attaching buttons to semi-finished sweaters
Quality Control Center in Cashmere Knitwear Factory
Productivity and quality are highly related with a neat workspace
Cashmere swatches used for color prototyping
Semi-finished products that have just finished the knitting process

Above is our sewing workshop wherein orders are being finished so that they can move on to the final step in the production process.

Our Knitting Factory manufactures high-quality garments, please contact us to request samples for your future products.