We offer several different types of services. Based on your needs, we can easily find a service solution, from design to manufacture, to final delivery. If you are looking for a partner who can minimize your cost and provide the highest value for you, then you’ve come to the right place. Have a look below at the main steps of what we offer and what we can do for building your brand

Step 1 - Product Development

Cashmere designers discussing tech packs and technical design ideas

Describe Your Needs

Tell us what you want and how you would like it to be done. The more details, the better. If you’re not sure about certain aspects, don’t worry! We can help you with our extensive expertise.

Knitwear designer working on a cashmere design sketch

Technical Design & Review

Our factory technicians will help in building your designs as well as in reviewing and optimizing them to ensure that everything is perfect and accurate to your original design.

Grey Speckled Cashmere Swatch Up Close Detail

Choose Yarns/Fabric

We can either select yarns from our large quantity of stock or manufacture new yarns according to your color requirements, material composition, or technical specifications.

Textile and fabric material swatches and color cards

Sampling & Prototyping

Once we’ve reached a consensus on your products, samples and prototypes will be created immediately. We also offer swatches at your request to find the perfect fit for your design.

Step 2 - Manufacturing

  • Our raw material base has a constant and stable supply of 100 tons of cashmere yearly.
  • Washing, dyeing, carding, and spinning of yarns will all be handled within our manufacturing process. 
  • If your products are not yarns, then we will knit, sew, link, steam and wash the fabric to make sure your products are ready to be distributed.
  • We have extensive Quality Control for each process.
  • Lastly, your products will be packaged per your packaging requirements.
  • We believe that our all-in-one-factory methodology will minimize your cost and maximize your production rate.

Step 3 - Delivering

Delivery optimization is a large priority for ours: based on your order size and any special requirements you may have, we will find the best shipping solution possible. Depending on your destination, whether to a warehouse, port, or even directly to your customers, we can make it happen. 

International Shipping crates stacked at a dock waiting to be opened and moved

Work directly with the factory - no hassle, no miscommunication, no problem