Welcome to our Weaving Factory

Our weaving workshop, which produces more than 10,000 meters of fabric each day, is lined with various textile machinery, undertaking worsted, and semi-worsted and woolen products.

Cashmere weaving factory used to weave cashmere pieces
Our Weaving Workshop where pieces begin their production

Our weaving workshop, seen above, currently holds two patents, both of which greatly improve the fabric’s stability during the production process as well as the fabric’s overall feeling. These two patents are:

  • The preparation technology for woven mercerized wool and cashmere scarf.
  • The anti-felting technology for the woven scarf.
Cashmere scarf with hand-twisted tassels being twisted by a technicians hands
Our hand-twisted scarves are individually worked on by the most skilled hands
Fine cashmere thread prepared to go on the weaving machine to make cashmere scarves
This rack of yarn will be taken to a warping machine and then will be woven into a scarf

Above is an example of our Hand Made scarves; our technician will individually count out eight strips of yarn, based on the requirements of our customers, and then twist them together with their hands.

Color block Cashmere scarves rolling off of the machine that treats them for softness
Scarves coming off of our treating machine to make them softer to touch
Color block Cashmere scarf with hand twisted tassels, waiting to be washed and treated for extra softness
A recently trimmed scarf - now it's time for it to be washed and treated for softness

The scarves in the picture above are nearly finished with their production journey – they’re now waiting to head into the final stages where they’ll be treated for softness, cleaned and washed, and then packaged.

Washing machines in a cashmere factory which are used in the finished processes of cashmere garments
The Washing Workshop where all products will go to be cleaned before packaging

Here is one of the final steps your product will go through. Here, the feeling of the material will be improved and the reduction of fuzzing and pilling will be done with specific washing and drying techniques.