Welcome to our Woolen Cashmere Yarn Factory

Having started from a modest cashmere yarn factory, we have developed rapidly in the past 30 years. Within the past three decades, we have accumulated an immense amount of knowledge and experience for dyeing, carding, spinning, knitting, and other processes. Our Donegal and Nepp Yarn and Multi-Colored Yarn have become increasingly popular in the European and American markets. Our specialists have devoted themselves to developing innovative yarn styles and intensely studying the current advancements and trends.

Standard yarns which range from 1N/1ˢ to 28N/3ˢ; with the annual productivity reaching 650 tons.

Our most outstanding products are Donegal Cashmere Yarn and High Count Cashmere Yarn (30N/2ˢ, 42N/2ˢ,30N/3ˢ, 42N/3ˢ, as well as multiple-ply).

We have ten production lines equipped with sophisticated Japanese mule and carding machines.

We yearly train our technicians with advanced manufacturing programs.

We implement the most comprehensive monitoring and testing equipment in our production process.

Cashmere yarn factory's carding machines with a technician monitoring the progress of the raw cashmere through the carding machine
One of our technicians checking the dropper function on the carding machine.
Cashmere Carding machine used to card the raw cashmere in order for it to be spun
The carding machine reaching one of its final steps before the Mule machine.
Cashmere yarn factory with multiple cashmere carding machines and technicians monitoring the machines
A horizontal view of some freshly carded cashmere.
Cashmere yarn factory mule machines that spin and twist the new cashmere yarn
Our tecahnicians diligently monitor the Mule machines as they process the cashmere.
Yarn Doubling machines that combine different cashmere yarns together to create multi-thread and multi-colored yarns
Doubling Machine